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Zezelia is a line artist based in Austin, Texas. Her work is characterized by its fluidity and organic quality. Its pleasing, fine lines invite the viewer to explore their subconscious through the power of abstract expression. The driving force behind her work is an enduring curiosity about subconscious life and how it manifests in the patterns we live over time. Each drawing is created line by line with only the vaguest vision of the big picture, just as life is lived day by day through a myriad of twists, turns, and unexpected intersections that shape our past and guide our future. 

Nexus line drawing.

New Works - Austin Art Space

Fire Recovery Exhibition - Big Medium

Visions Unbound - Artus Co

SXSW Salon Show - Highland Collective

Art Prom - Icosa


For the LOVE of Art 16th Annual Exhibition - Austin Art Space

Earth Day Show - Artus Co

Open Call - McLennon Pen Co

Mystic Mirros - Artus Co

Artistic Intentions - Austin Art Space

Austin Studio Tour


For Women & Their Work

Austin Visual Arts Association

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